Food and drink offer

The success that we, as already widely known today, have achieved is no secret. The key is to choose quality and fresh foods and the delicate palate of our expert chefs.

With daily brunhes, we have a rich menu. So we prepare a baking pan for you, with veal, lamb or octopus, for your family, friends or business associates.

With many types of meat, fish, pasta, salads and soups, the whole story is completed by charcoal grills.

Start your meal with some of the many local and foreign brandies, liqueurs, whiskeys and cognacs. To make a good meal even better, we have provided you with a bottle of autochthonous Herzegovinian wine, žilavka or blatina, as well as some Slavonian and Dalmatian wine varieties.

The friendly and professional staff will make your stay at Otok Restaurant an unforgettable experience.